Behind the Wild Things

by AL BROWN™ on November 3rd, 2009

You’ve heard of this film Where the Wild Things Are by now, maybe? Well, back during the making of movie, Motherboard’s own Shane Smith headed over to London and caught up with the film’s director, Spike Jonze, and his legion of masterminds as they toiled away at the digital artistry that would ultimately breathe life into the creatures known as the Wild Things. It was the painstaking work of 300 artists and tech-wielding specialists, who, in the process of tweaking every frame and every miniscule detail of every image, undertook to create an entirely new way of animating—an ingenius blend of the artistry of traditional, film-based movie-making and the wizardry of newfangled technologies. In the end, Jonze and Co. created some of the most compelling monster-beings in history.

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